Bedrooms should be peaceful, relaxing retreats and should emulate luxurious hotel suites. What is most important? The bed. How comfortable is it? When guests give reviews of their stay, they often comment on their sleeping experiences. A comfortable bed is a smart investment that will pay big dividends. It will guarantee guests a good night’s sleep, which for some is worth its weight in gold. How do you make it even better? Luxurious bedding. Sumptuous comforters, big fluffy pillows, and clean, crisp, fresh smelling sheets.

Here is a list of components to take into account when designing, furnishing and outfitting your bedrooms:

  • Furniture

  • Closets & Storage

  • Lighting

  • Décor & Accessories

We can help you determine whether your bedrooms need a facelift. If they do, we can assist you in updating them and give them that “wow” factor guests are looking for.


For a bedroom, the bare minimum needed would be:

  • Beds

  • Dressers

  • Nightstands

  • Seating

The type of mattress is by far the most important investment you will make. Comfort, firmness and size all play an essential part in the decision. There are a few varieties to choose from, but the more popular ones are: air, memory foam and innerspring. We suggest air mattresses because they enable your guests to adjust the firmness to their individual liking, thereby giving them a good night’s sleep.

We can develop an overall design plan that includes all the components needed to make your bedrooms feel like luxury hotel suites.


Ample storage space is often overlooked in vacation rentals. The assumption usually is that guests don’t require all that much of it. But that is not true. Providing plenty of closet and storage space for your guests will make a favorable impression. Guests need space, not just for clothes and shoes, but also for other items such as large suitcases, electronics, secure storage for valuables, etc. We recommend your closets have:

  • Clothes rods (full-height and half-height)

  • Hangers

  • Shelving

  • Drawers (including lockable)

  • Wall hooks

  • Full length mirrors

We are here to help you design your closets that will best you suit your needs.


There are essentially 3 basic types of lighting to choose from:

  • Ambient

  • Task

  • Accent

The types most commonly used in a bedroom are ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting, or general lighting, can be achieved with overhead light fixtures. Task lighting, which in a bedroom is mainly for the purpose of reading, can be provided by an assortment of bedside light fixtures, and should be dimmable. The most suitable light fixtures for bedrooms are:

  • Chandeliers

  • Ceiling mounted lights

  • Recessed lighting

  • Desk lamps

  • Floor lamps

  • Swing arm lamps

  • Wall sconces

  • Pendant lights

Additionally, light bulbs play a pivotal role in creating the right brightness. We recommend bulbs that give off a warm white light (2700-3000K), because they create an inviting, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

We can advise you on the proper illumination for your bedrooms.


Bedding is the predominant aspect of a bedroom’s décor, and it should be luxurious! When it’s done right, it will create an ambience of peace and tranquility, which is what guests are looking for. Bedding includes:

  • Comforters & blankets

  • Pillows

  • Sheets

  • Mattress pads & toppers

Other essential décor and accessory items are:

  • Rugs

  • Window treatments

  • Mirrors

  • Wall art

  • Accent pillows

  • Throw blankets

We are happy to assist you in creating bedrooms that will dazzle your guests.